3 Principles for Eating Healthy

For those of you who know that you want to make a change with the way you eat, but don't know where to start...this post is for you.



1 - Cut out sugar.

Read the labels on the back of food and see if sugar is listed in the ingredients. If so, don't eat it!


2 - Eat REAL food.

It's actually pretty simple to know what is real food or not. Check the food labels, and see if you need a chemistry degree to understand what is in it. Take lime juice for example. When you read the label, does it list limes, or does it have other things in it?


3 - Make sure that most of your meals contain 50% veggies, 25% protein, and 25% fats.

Image from  draxe.com .

Image from draxe.com.



For more on where to buy good food from, checkout the links below:

Cincinnati Area Organic Options

If you live in the NKY / Cincinnati, OH area and what to know what your options are for organic foods, this blog post is for you.


Organic Chicken

I usually go to Costco, and sometimes Kroger, for organic chicken. Costco is usually the most cost effective in terms of buying whole chickens.




Grass-Fed Beef

You can talk with your local butcher shops and farms to see how their cows are fed (and finished). For the past few years we've bought a part of a cow from Stehlin's Meat Market.



Organic Veggies

You can find organic vegetable options pretty easily at stores like Kroger, Fresh Thyme, and Whole Foods.


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